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Here you can search for articles in the press about us, our films or other work, or any other mentions. Make your search by typing a whole or even only a part of a word. Most of the articles are presented as a PDF, but some of them are links in the web.
Do you have an article we don’t know about? Please contact us.

CategoryClick to readSubjectFormatCountryWhen
FilmSecrets of the productionBehind the scenes of Spot and Splodge.PDF (9 pages)France2011-11
Film reviewTV4 - NyhetsmorgonReview of Spot and SplodgeLink (int')Sweden2011-11
FilmZigzag NewsFisrt review of "Spot and Spodge on the spot"Link (int')Sweden2011-10
Film festival juryLa BourbouleUzi GeffenbladPDFFrance2011-06
BooksMaariv Aston´s StonesPDFIsrael2009
BooksHelsingborg Dagbladet (HD)Betty in the middle of the nightPDFSweden2009
BooksDagens Nyheter (DN)Betty in the middle of the nightPDFSweden2009
BooksSwedish Daily News (SvD)Betty in the middle of the nightSweden2009
BooksLibrary Services (Bibliotekstjänst)Betty in the middle of the nightSweden2009
FilmSwedish Daily News (SvD)ApricotsSweden2008
BooksHelsingborg Daily News (HD)Spot and SplodgeSweden2008
FilmOpsis KalopsisZigzagSweden2008
BooksDagens Nyheter (DN)Astons giftsSweden2008
FilmAmong the thorns in Plaskis.nuArticle about Among the Thorns in Plaskis.nuPDFSweden2005-09

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