Lotta Geffenblad

Lotta Geffenblad has her own website -> https://www.lottageffenblad.se

Lotta Geffenblad

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Lotta Geffenblad was born in 1962 in Lund. She grew up in Teckomatorp but moved to Stockholm in 1982 to study at Beckman’s School of Art and Design. After graduation Lotta’s interest in illustration led her towards animation and she has mainly worked on animated films since then. Over the years she have produced and illustrated many short films, often in collaboration with other animators and visual artists, such as Gun Jacobson, Eva Lindström, Anna Höglund, Hakan Wennstrom and Ulla-Carin Grafstöm.

The sequence of “Björnes Magazine” is probably the best known of all the films. Other movie titles are “Vinga Astray”, “Good morning Gerda Cuckoo,” “Slope,” “Pancake” and “When We Die”.

Collaborations with her husband Uzi led to, among other things, the multi-award winning animation film “Apricots” and the 46-minute long children’s film ”Among the Thorns” witch took more than four years to complete and the over-all production lasted for almost seven years.

Lotta lectures at various animation schools on the technique “cut-out”. For many years she worked for the magazine Conti, where she had her own regular series published. She has also designed the look of the characters in the animated television series “Creep School” and made props and masks for numerous dance and theater performances.

“I always loved picture books. During my years as young parent I read a lot of books for my children. But they grew up and suddenly they didn’t appreciate the same literature as before. Sadly to say, the daily readings ended. Sometimes I secretly sneaked into the children’s book section in the library, flipping through the books for a while. And sometimes I found myself actually reading in bookstores, but it’s not quite the same without the little listeners. So I started to play with my own ideas and imagination, probably driven by someone kind of withdrawal. It’s so much fun to tell stories, everything can be told in a picture book. One can make use of color and design, drama, sentiments and play with words in a free and playful way”.

I think it’s fantastic to be the one who opens the door to the exciting world of picture books. Both by telling the stories to others, and as a creator. “

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