Fisketur (Out Fishing) to Berlin

Fisketur (Out Fishing) is selected to the competition in the Film Festival Berlinalen in the section Generation Kplus.
The film will compete with other films for the young generation to win the Silver Bear.
The festival will be held in Berlin, Germany between 15-25 February 2018.

The screening dates are:
20 Feb. 10:00 at the HKW
21 Feb. 9:30 at Filmtheater am Friedrichshain
22 Feb. 10:30 in CinemaxX 1
23 Feb. 10:00 in Zoo Palast 2

Fisketur / Out Fishing ©Zigzag Animation


Ciclo de cine – Zigzag in Spain

18 of our films will be screened in the cinemas in Spain in a “cycle” they call Ciclo de cine.
Four programs in the theatres by the same director are screened on Saturdays. It all starts in Barcelona in CaxiaForum 21 Oct. with “Spot and Splodge on the spot“on the 28 Oct. with the “New adventures of Spot and Splodge
11 Nov. with “Among the thorns” and 25 Nov. with a package of shorts.

Good company

In Caxia Forum Barcelona

Film in Spain

Zigzag in Spain 2017

Screening in Japan after the tsunami

Last week we had a screening of “Spot and Splodge in Snowstorm” for kids in Japan who were hit by the tsunami in 2011.

The screening took place in a community center of Ishinomaki (Miyagi prefecture) called KAMIDAINIKAIKAN in the TATAMI Theater, and was organized by Haruko Hashimoto who is the director of Snow collective who organize a film festival In Snow, screening films in a theater made of snow and ice.
Look at a short film who shows this magniciant theater.

Few more screening are palned, among them at Kesennuma Fenix batting center in June. This center opened last month with money donated by Mr Chiba who lost seven members of his family in the tsunami. He saved money for 3 years from his milk delivery company.

I’m happy we can bring some comfort to the children.

Aston’s Stones – still going strong

Seven years after it’s release (2007) Aston’s Stones is still doing well.

Aston's stones, a film by Uzi and Lotta GeffenbladIn the next edition of Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival (22-27 April 2014) the short film will be screened as a part of ”Best of Animation” -

a classic and a highlight of the festival is the section which presents the most important and interesting animated films of the past ten years.

Soon the film will also be published on DVD in Australia.

A festival called Little Big Shots is celebrating it’s 10th birthday and will publish a special 10th birthday retrospective collection of 12 short films. The festival director Ben Laden has said: “This collection of films I regarding as one of the best moments since I took on the role at LBS.

“NEW” Spot and Splodge in the theaters

A brand new 45 min. movie for the theaters will be release in Sweden on the 27th September (2013).
The Swedish title is “Prick och Fläck på Pricken” and the English title is “Spot and Splodge Plottspotting“.

The films is a compilation of 6 adventures.
Baking, Standing as in the circus on their ears, having Chicken-pox, going on a very special shoe sale, picking mushrooms in the forest and having a Disco party!
Not bad for less than an hour …

The film will be released in 29 theaters all over the country with our distributor Folkets Bio, who will also use SF theaters.
A more complete information about the film will be soon in here. Meanwhile you can visit our Facebook page for the last updates.

Prick och Fläck på fläcken