Zigzag Animation AB

A creative force and a leading Swedish production company of animated films.
We’ve been around since 1985. Situated in Stockholm. A list of the about 30 awards we’ve collected along the years can be found here.

In recent years we’ve expanded our activities to running a place for events and exhibitions called Ze Zigzag Zone.

In the venue, situated in the heart of SOFO in Stockholm, we have an art-gallery, a place for meetings, screenings, book release live music, lectures etc.
We organize classes and workshops in Graphic printing (we have our own printer) and art groups. The main teacher is Helena Elfgren.



Lotta Geffenblad is an awarded illustrator and author of children’s books and animator. She has directed her first animation short in 1985 and was a co-owner of Zigzag Animation AB until 2013 [more ... >>].

Uzi Geffenblad is a producer and director of animation, a composer and a scriptwriter. He is the owner and CEO of Zigzag Animation AB [more ... >>].

They both prefer to work on personal films, but have been working with more commercial production as the TV-series “Creep School” by Happy Life and “Spot and Splodge”.

Press Clips: Read about Zigzag i swedish an international press.

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