Spot And Splodge – Tooth Magic!

Spot And Splodge - Tooth Magic! Swedish Title: PRICK OCH FLÄCK TANDTROLLAR
Children / Picture Books
2009 spring
Original language: 
Text and Image: Lotta Geffenblad

This book is also published in Norwegian (at Mangschou) and is adapted to film.

Definitely tooth magic!

Spot and Splodge are up to all sorts on the sofa today! They’ve got a bag full of sweets – cola cubes, jelly babies, liquorice laces . . . And besides the fact that the sweets taste so good, you can do all kinds of magic tricks with them – make them disappear under you lip, or suddenly grow vampire teeth.

Spot and Splodge have a competition to see whose tongue is the deepest colour and therefore the best monster’s tongue. They have to look very carefully to decide who’s the winner. And then they discover something else: Spot’s teeth are full of spots and Splodge has got loads of splodges on his – eek! It’s straight off to the dentist’s!

The dentist establishes that Spot and Splodge have probably eaten lots and lots of sweets, but have hardly cleaned their teeth at all. First of all he has to do some drilling, then he fixes the holes with a filling. Once it’s set there are no spots or splodges to be seen – definitely tooth magic!


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