Spot and Splodge are Printers

Spot and Splodge Learn to Print Swedish Title: PRICK OCH FLÄCK TRYCKER TILL
Category: Children / Picture Books
Publication: 2009 Autumn
Original language: Swedish
Publisher: BonnierCarlsen
Text and Image: Lotta Geffenblad

Tiny little dots!

Can Spot and Splodge actually read? You have to ask yourself! They often hold books and other reading material upside down. But as they sit there peeling potatoes, they get a magnifying glass to look at a mark on one of the potatoes, and suddenly they can see the newspaper they put the potatoes down on. And guess what? All the pictures and letters in a newspaper are made up of tiny little dots!

So maybe it would be possible to make a newspaper of their own? To print letters and pictures with potatoes cut in half? It certainly would…!

Lotta Geffenblad’s narrative tone is calm and full of humour, with word play and double meanings. The illustrations have a style all of their own, combining a sense of something quite fresh with the atmosphere of a book of stories from a hundred years ago. Spot and Splodge’s world just looks so cosy, friendly and cool!


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