Spot and Splodge Get Cooking

Spot and Splodge Get CookingSwedish Title: Prick och Fläck degar
Children / Picture Books
2005 Autumn
Original language: 
Text and Image: Lotta Geffenblad


Sticky splodges and spots!

Spot and Splodge decide they fancy something nice to eat, and they immediately set to work baking white dough balls and brown sponge buns. They end up covered in sticky splodges and spots and have to have a bath. Then they can enjoy the good things they’ve baked, and it all tastes just the way they wanted it too – perfect!

To most small children spots and splodges are exciting, whether they’re on their own tummies or way out in space. The series about Spot and Splodge is about two little rabbit-like creatures; one is covered in spots, the other is covered in splodges.

In every book they somehow manage to acquire yet more spots and splodges, and at the same time they teach us about things that might be worth trying out, for example baking, studying insects, or making potato prints.


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