Aston’s Stones – still going strong

Seven years after it’s release (2007) Aston’s Stones is still doing well.

Aston's stones, a film by Uzi and Lotta GeffenbladIn the next edition of Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival (22-27 April 2014) the short film will be screened as a part of ”Best of Animation” -

a classic and a highlight of the festival is the section which presents the most important and interesting animated films of the past ten years.

Soon the film will also be published on DVD in Australia.

A festival called Little Big Shots is celebrating it’s 10th birthday and will publish a special 10th birthday retrospective collection of 12 short films. The festival director Ben Laden has said: “This collection of films I regarding as one of the best moments since I took on the role at LBS.

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