Out Fishing

Betty is hungry and lonely and fishing in the river gives only scrap. In a moment of illumination Betty finds a creative solution. But the road to success is lined with traps.


Swedish title: Fisketur
Year of release: 2018
Length: 9 min. 34 sec. (09:12 for TV)
Age: For kids 2-7 (and older as well)
Technique: Digital Cut-out
Director: Uzi Geffenblad
Story: Based on a book ”Betty mitt i natten” by Lotta Geffenblad


Characters & Backgrunds: Lotta Geffenblad Storyboard: Paco Garcia Animation: Veronica Wallenberg, Sanny Serinkaya Vestmalm, Johan Sonestedt, Jessica Laurén, Jonas Dahlbeck, Björn Norström, Sebastian Ljungdahl Animation supervisor: Johan sonestedt, Comp artist: Johan Sonestedt, Veronica Wallenberg Sound & Music: Uzi Geffenblad Mix: Johan Pettersson / Nordic United Producer: Uzi Geffenblad.

The film was financed with the support from The Swedish Film Institute film commissioner Andreas Fock

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