Spot and Splodge see Stars

Spot and Splodge are out in the dark. On the dark night sky they discover lots of little tiny spots. One spot is bigger than the others – the moon.
They get eager to discover more spots, they stumble and bump their heads together.
That´s when the really weird things starts to happen… or do they?

Spot and Splodge see Stars, Zigzag Animation, 2011Original title: Prick och Fläck ser stjärnor
Year of release: 2011
For kids 2-7
Stop-motion puppet animation
Folkets bio (Sweden), Les Films Du Preau (France, Belgium), Zigzag (World)

Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad Story: Lotta Geffenblad (based on a book with the same title) Screenplay: Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad Storyboard: Paco Garcia Voice:  Stina Ekblad Design: Lotta Geffenblad Puppets & Skeletons: Mats Sahlström, Mikael Lindbom, Anna-Bella Sofran Scenography & Lights: Mats Sahlström Animation: Daniel Damm, Marcus Knutsson, Mia Hulterstam 2D animation: Elinor Bergman Post/After Effects: Danne Damm, Mia Hulterstam Grading: Michael Cosola / Cinepost AB Music: Uzi Geffenblad Producer: Uzi Geffenblad Editor: Uzi Geffenblad Sound & Mix: Bernt Eklund, Leif Westerlund / Cinepost AB

A co-production with Film i Väst & SVT and with support from SFI, film commissioner Johan Bogaeus and NFTF. Developed with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European community.