The BAMmie Award to Aston’s Presents

Aston’s Presents is the winner of 2013 MABmie award for best early childhood film, decided by audience vote at the 15th annual BAMKids Film Festival.
Uzi Geffenblad had the pleasure to meet the kids in six different Q&A’s during the festival in Brooklyn led by the fantastic Nicole Dreiske.

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First screening in SVT

SVT, The Swedish public service broadcaster, will broadcast Aston’s Presents for the first time on
3rd June 2012 at 18:01.

Reruns at 11 June 17:35
and 23 June 07:50.

The film is on the Internet in SVT Play for 30 days.
The short film is also planned to be broadcast later this year on YLE (Finland ) and NRK (Norway).

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Aston’s Presents in Oberhausen

Now in it’s 58′s year, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has become one of the world’s most respected film events – a place where filmmakers and artists ranging from Roman Polanski to Cate Shortland, from George Lucas to Pipilotti Rist have presented their first films.

We are proud that our latest shot animation, Aston’s Presents is in competition in the Children’s and Youth Cinema program (age 3 and over).
The program is set to
• SAT, 28 April, Sunset, 10.30 a.m.
• MON, 30 April, Lichtburg, 10.30 h

This will be the International Premiere of the film.

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Films In Denmark

Aston is staring as a cover boy in the Danish poster of “Børnebiffen”.

Børnebiffen is organized by the Danish Film Institute to give municipalities and theaters in whole Denmark the possibility to screen quality children’s films.

You can also see our Spot and Splodge in Snowstorm (or as they call it “Prik og Plet i sneen“) in one of the Danish film packages.

And soon they will also have our Spot and Splodge at the Dentist in Danish.

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At the Dentist in Ale Kino!

Spot and Splodge at the Dentist (>>) is in competition in Poland.
It is 29th edition of Ale Kino! in Poznan.
In 2007 our film Aston’s Stones won the Silver Goats there. Let’s hope for gold this time! …

The film will be screened on

  • Mon, 2011-12-05 09:30
  • Tue, 2011-12-06 09:30


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Secrets of the production

Just before the premiere in the theatres in France, 30 November, our French distributor Les Films Du Preau created a PDF document that can be downloaded and also be used as an exhibition in cinemas with what they call The Secrets of the Producion (Secrets de fabrication).

Here’s the link to that document. Though it’s in French it’s easy it’s follow.

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Reviews (in swedish)

Slå er ner med era minsta och njut av en stunds kontemplativ underhållning“. Ronny Svensson TV4.

Ibland är faktiskt filmen bättre än boken!“. Barnkulturbloggen Malena Jansson

En glädje för både stora och små“. TT Spektra

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TV4 review (in Swedish) = 4 Suns :)

Ronny Svensson på TV4′s Nyhetsmorgon recenserar Prick och Fläck på Pricken och ger den 4 Solar!

De visar även boken i På Pricknick i Pixi format och ett par filmsnuttar.
Kolla även Ronnys blogg.
En “Underbart fint“.

Titta på TV4 Play.


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Aston’s Stones in the theater

Since last year Aston’s Stones has been doing greatly as a theater play at Teater Pero. Apart from being played in Pero’s theater in Stockholm it has been touring Sweden and even had a visit to Copenhagen. Until now they’ve been playing Aston more than 220 times on stage! The play is based on the book by Lotta Geffenblad, but the theater group made it’s on interpretation with great music and and pantomime acts. They do speak though …

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Our latest pre-school feature “Spot and Splodge on the spot” will be out in the theaters in sweden on 4th November.
After a few years of work we can finally proudly present 6 new stories about Spot and Splodge.
Our distributor is Folkets Bio.

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First review (in swedish)

Tidningen Vi Föräldrar skriver om Prick och Fläck.

Review spot and splodge “De har varit på pricknick, tandtrollat, snöat in, varit hemliga och stått på öronen – men bara i bokform och som teaterpjäs. Nu äntligen finns prisbelönta Lotta Geffenblads kaninduo Prick och Fläck som animerad film: 43 minuters utflykt till deras eget prickfläckiga, absurda mikrokosmos. Geffenblad och maken Uzi låg bakom den fantastiska filmen Bland tistlar som vann en hel drös internationella priser. Att de återigen presterat ett epos för vita duken är inte bara på pricken i höst – utan en begivenhet. Bara att passa på! Kolla närmaste biograf på”

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Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Spot and Splodge at the Dentist are in Chicago int. Children’s film Festival right now.
The festival is in it’s 28th year. It’s the largest festival of films for children in North America and one of the only Academy Award qualifying children’s film festivals in the world.

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