Uzi Geffenblad

(Download a press photo of Uzi)

Uzi Geffenblad is the owner of Zigzag Animation AB.
He is a musician, composer, screenwriter, director, photographer and producer.

Uzi has been studying Psychology and Children’s Culture at the Stockholm University.
In the early 80’s he worked as a classical French horn player in orchestras and theaters. Since 1988 he is working with films and since 1991 mainly with animation. Uzi has also worked as a sound engineer in film and radio productions.

1998-2001 Uzi was elected as Chairman of FFAF (The Swedish Association for Animated Films).
He’s occasionally lecturing about screenplay, sound and production of animation in various schools in Sweden.

Uzi has been mainly collaborating with Lotta Geffenblad but has also been working with other filmmakers. To mention a few – as a producer and editor on ”When we die”, by Håkan Wennström and ”The Cake” by Pia Holmqvist, and as a producer and sound engineer on the animated documentary ”Radicalized” by Klara Swantesson.

Together with Lotta he’s directed the 46 minutes cut-out film ”Among the thorns” the short animations ”Apricots” and ”Aston’s Stones” and the current stop-motion series about ”Spot and Splodge”.

Uzi has been producing some live-action shorts in collaboration with the dancer Maria Josefsson and her sister and musician Maja Josefsson.


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