Black Widow (live action)

A playful depiction of a period in the Black Widow’s life. She has come to a point where she is entangled in her own web. How did she get here and how can she get out? The film takes place in Tomás Saraceno’s artwork “14 Billions”, an exact reconstruction of the spider the black widow.

Swedish Title: Svarta Änkan
Year of release: 
Length: 03:30
Genre: Dance film
Director & Choreography: Maria Josefsson
Dance: Maria Josefsson
Photo & Editing: Milan Orvlinic
Music: Maja Josefsson

Musicians: Emma Beskow (Chello), Oscar Treitler (Violin), Kim Hellgren (Viola)
Music recording: Eric Nyblæus
Producer, Post production: Uzi Geffenblad
Available on: HD ProRes 422

The spider artwork “14 Billions” is created by Tomás Saraceno.
The film was finaced with the support of the Swedish Film Institute, Andra Lasmanis, and Konstnärsnämnden.

Thanks to Bonnier Konsthall in Stockholm for the permission to use the artwork and to Taidehalli Konsthall in Helsinki Finland for letting us shoot the film in it’s location. Thanks also to Arvid Båve, Loke Nyberg & Fredrik Stark.

About the director:
Maria Josefsson studied at The Swedish Ballet School in Malmo, London Studio Centre and the University College of Dance in Stockholm. She has worked as a dancer in a variety of contexts, both in the classical and modern genre. This is her 2nd short film.

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