Aston’s presents

Aston's PresentsSwedish Title: Astons presenter
Category: Children / Picture Books
Publication: 2008 Autumn
Language: Swedish
Text and Image: Lotta Geffenblad

Now also as a film >>

A book about our favourite little empathetic puppy.

It’s Aston’s birthday! He gets a bike, and his aunt sends him a present by mail. It’s a kite, and also a board, so the kite wouldn’t break during the transport. But today it’s raining, so Aston cannot try his bike or his kite. The board, though, is good to play with inside! A perfect bridge for his cars.

Then finally, there’s good weather for a bike – and kite – hike. Aston thinks it’s a bit difficult to fly a kite. The kite is strong, and suddenly it crashes in a tree and gets stuck there! Oh no! When Daddy and Aston get hold of it there is not much left of it. Daddy has to be comforted! Aston makes a boat using a piece of the broken kite and the board. You can really count on the board!

The second book about Aston. The first, Aston’s stones, won the first prize in a picture book contest, and has been praised for its poetical text and magical illustrations.



“Entirely adorable …” – Ingalill Mosander, Go’ kväll, SVT


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