“I always loved picture books. One can make use of color and design, drama, sentiments and play with words in a free and playful way”.  I think it’s fantastic to be the one who opens the door to the exciting world of picture books. Both by telling the stories to others, and as a creator.”  – Lotta Geffenblad

Lotta was awarded the Elsa Beskow Plaque in 2009 for her collected work. She’s the author and illustrator of 12 children’s books to date, among them the award winning “Aston’s Stones” that has been published to 8 languages, the series about “Spot and Splodge” and the classic “Wing gets lost” (her first book from 1989 written together with Gun I Jacobson). She has been illustrating in many other books and anthologies as well.

Lotta Geffenblad has a calm and humorous tone in her narration, playing with words and double meanings. Her illustrations are both modern and traditional at the same time.


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