Spot and Splodge Upside Down

Spot and Splodge upside downSwedish Title: PRICK OCH FLÄCK STÅR PÅ ÖRONEN
Children / Picture Books
2010 spring
Original language: 
Text and Image: Lotta Geffenblad


Spot and Splodge visit the circus

Lots of clowns with big red noses, jugglers, drums and trumpets. And acrobats! The acrobats perform amazing somersaults and high jumps. It looks fun, exciting and perhaps just a little bit dangerous… Imagine being able to do something like that! Spot and Splodge want to have a go!

But it’s hard, you have to practice a lot. Spot and Splodge keep on falling over, and spend most of their time upside down. How can they learn a real circus skill?

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